Fire Control

Fire control is the practice of reducing the heat output of a fire, reducing the area over which the fire exists, or suppressing or extinguishing the fire by depriving it of fuel, oxygen, or heat.

Steel Fire Door

120 minutes Rating

60 minutes Rating

Wooden Fire Door

42mm Thick / 60 minutes Rating

46mm Thick / 120 minutes Rating

Fully Glazed Fire Doors & Windows

Wooden Glazed Doors & Partitions

Metal Glazed Windows

Metal Glazed Doors

Acoustic Fire Doors

2 Hrs Rating Acoustic Wooden Fire Door

55mm Thick 2 Hrs Rating Acoustic Steel Fire Door

Fire Alarm System

UL/EN-54 Certied

Fire Suppression System

Total Flooding (UL Listed) - HFC227ea/FK 5-1-12

Tube Based Flooding

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