Mass Transit Control

Mass transit or public transportation is the movement of people within urban areas, intercity and inter country using group travel technologies such as buses and trains, metro's, trams & Aircrafts.

However transporting a lot of people at a time has always remained a challenge for all modes of transport therefore proper control keeping in view the safety, security and convenience. This is where LongLasst Entrada comes in with various automation solutions that support the city infrastructure for managing public transportation.

Platform Screen Doors for Metro & Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS)

Platform screen doors are used in train stations and subways around the world. Our platform screen doors for bus transitways and metro stations provide a separation between the platforms and the tracks. These add an extra layer of safety for the passengers.

Automatic Fare Collection Gates for Metro & BRTS

An Automated Fare Collection System is the core system required to support an efficient integrated ticketing system. AFCs are being widely adopted by public mass transportation systems around the world. AFC technology is being used to support both paper ticketing and paperless ticketing (such as token coins and smart cards)As technology evolves, AFC systems are becoming more and more advanced.

AFCS Gates (Retractable & Swing Barriers) are an integral part of the overall AFCS System, majorly used by Metro/Subway/Mono Rail/BRT transit modes.

The AFCS Gates can be integrated with any 3rd party Fare Collection Validator & Software.

Border Control Gates & E Gates for Airports

Border Control Gates & E Gates for Airports – Automated border control gates are commonly used in metros, airports, and bus rapid systems and make use of biometric verification to control gates. Our E Gates for airports help verify facial characteristics with the data stored in the biometric passport and help with seamless low of passengers all through the day.

Parking Management Systems

A parking management system optimizes parking space and makes the entire process efficient and convenient for the users. It gives real-time car parking information on available slot counts, LED displays, reserved parking areas, digital payment options & daily report generation features. Ideal to be used in Malls, Big Corporate Houses, Multi-level parking areas at Airports, Stations and Smart City Infrastructures.

Electronic Vehicle Charging Systems ​

A charging station, also called electric vehicle charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, electronic charging station (ECS), and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a machine that supplies electric energy to charge plug-in electric vehicles—including scooters, bikes, cars, trucks, buses and others. India will soon see Electric Public charging stations at Petrol pumps, shopping centers, government facilities and parking areas. LongLasst ENTRADA will be launching the EV Chargers for Bike & Scooters in Phase 1 and in Phase 2 for Cars and Buses.

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